Telling it like it is
It’s Cornwall, but not as you know it. I’m a novelist, copywriter, and journalist – a story teller. Here you’ll find my novels, stories, articles, audio, and paintings from deepest Cornwall. 
My Novels
Fulmar by Robin Falvey
Bath Novel Award runner up 2015
“Written with energy and tons of heart, FULMAR brings to life a cast of colourful characters in the surf community in Cornwall…Well-drawn characters leap off the page in this gritty YA, and I cheered and almost cried when Jacob finally recognises the inevitable summer inside himself.” Mildred Yuan, United Agents…
The Sacrifice by Robin Falvey
Sean Savage survives his tour in Afghan, only to get blown up by a home grown suicide bomber. Now his brother, Luke is out for revenge. 
About Me
Robin Falvey is a novelist, copywriter, and journalist based in West Cornwall. Runner up in the 2015 Bath Novel Award, his fiction is funny, unsparing, and sometimes devastating.